April 28, 2013

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5 Tips for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability


The green movement is in full swing all around the world. It’s incredible to think that just a short time ago, most people wouldn’t take the idea of conservatism and sustainability seriously. Many people have seen the benefits of utilizing green technology in their homes and businesses. However, most of these additions have been retroactive. Solar panels are added to existing structures, plans are put into effect after the building has been in use. So the next logical step is to start designing buildings to be green and implementing efficiency from the get-go. Here are five tips for energy conservation and sustainability for when you’re building your home.

Seal the Home from Air Leakage
It may come as a surprise to many, but the highest costs in energy efficiency is in the air conditioning systems. It takes a lot of power to continually monitor all the rooms and ensure that they remain the desired temperature. With that in mind, it becomes vital to ensure that all of that tempered air isn’t being wasted. If there are too many openings in the house, then it will take a lot more to bring the temperature to a desired level. You don’t need to make it airtight, but keeping the house from letting out too much air is advisable.

Shop for Energy Efficient Companies
Being efficient is a lot easier when you have a company that’s already naturally green and ecologically responsible. There are a number of resources to ensure that your design is sustainable and powered responsibly. Sites like http://www.texasenergycompanies.net are easy to navigate and can help you shop for great energy rates.

Install Smart Appliances and Technology
Although the air conditioning takes up the most, appliances and technology takes up a large chunk too! When going through and selecting the things that many would consider miscellaneous, put them under scrutiny. Do you really need a toilet that uses two gallons to flush? How about a dishwasher that uses enough power to charge your laptop for a month? Make sure that what you’re putting in your home is both efficient and smart.

Utilize Recycled Materials
Construction has come a long way. We can make equally viable structures from bricks and mortar as we can from Lego’s and old tires. There’s no reason to not use recycled materials when constructing the house.

Consider Efficient Construction Planning
Advances in construction technology doesn’t just stop at using worthwhile materials. It also includes being able to design buildings to naturally use less power and energy. Although the specifics can be a bit advanced and technical, most builders are more than capable of creating an energy efficient dream house.

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