Electric moped battery information, you can understand.


We have prepared the electric moped  battery simplified information, is to help  anyone new to electric mopeds bikes.

The battery is one of the most expensive parts of an electric moped.
To get the best value when you purchase, electric mopeds it is important to understand the electric moped battery terminology.
Choosing the correct electric moped battery can make a difference for purchase value, electric moped range or for battery life.

Electric Mopeds are used for many different purposes, so they may require different types of electric moped battery and different battery specification.

Since many people are unfamiliar with with the Electric Moped battery, we will try to simplify the description of the battery.
At the same time  we will try to explain the definition and usages of the electric moped battery technology.



Generally speaking the easiest way to describe Volts it that it gives the Electric Moped its  power or torque.
In simple terms the higher voltage the greater ability to provide power to the motor.
For many smaller Electric Mopeds the general rule is 48 Volts as a minimum with options for 60 Volts.
You may notice voltage is generally measured in 12 Volt segments.
Hence 48 volts is 4 X 12 Volt batteries or equivalent individual cells, if it is a Lithium battery.


The simple explanation of AmpH, Amp hour, is it provides the electric moped the range or distance,
Generally the greater the AmpH the longer range.
The measurement is the storage capacity of the battery.
20 AmpH stands the amount of energy that can flow through the battery in one hour before it runs flat.




Lead Acid Electric Moped Battery

The sealed lead acid batteries have been around for a very long time.
They are the basic type of battery that you will find in any car or truck.
They need to generate the very high current in short bursts required for starting an engine, the auto industry has been relying on them for years.

As they are the oldest type, they were also the first to be used in electric mopeds when they were released.
Today, they continue to be the most popularly batteries in many low cost electric mopeds because of their cost and  power.

The main drawback of the SLA battery has to be their heavy weight. They are also large. That said, they are less expensive compared to Lithium batteries and they are also readily available. That is the main reason they continue being used in electric Mopeds.

It is worth noting that how long a sealed acid battery lasts really depends on the surrounding temperatures as well as its size and quality.


The Silica Gel cell are similar to the Lead Acid batteries and have been available for a  long time.

The difference is they are fully sealed and use Silica Gel instead of Lead Acid.
Gel batteries are made with thicker plates than other batteries also there is no liquid to spill or refill.

Generally the Silica Gel batteries have a longer life and the added advantage of ability to be placed on their side not just upright.
They continue to be popular batteries in many electric scooters because of their economical cost and the power they generate.
Silica Gel batteries are inert, which means they can not catch fire, so present little risk during use or charging.


Lithium Ion is a lightweight battery with longer life and range.

Lithium ion batteries are quickly becoming the industry standard even though they are the most expensive.

Because of the advantages, with light  weight, increased range and longer life many people are willing to pay extra money to fit this option to their Electric Moped.

Lithium batteries have a major advantage over other types of batteries due to the weight advantage which is about a 1/3 the weigh of other batteries.

Lithium batteries also last about three times longer than ta regular Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) and Silica Gel (Gel) batteries.

Although this increases the cost of electric moped manufacturers.
Many incorporate them to be able to increase the warranty period compared the Lead acid and Silica Gel batteries.

Li-ion battery tech is also popular because  they require less maintenance when not in use.
They do not suffer from the “battery memory” and you can basically ignore them for long stretches of time without a problem.

As a result of these advantages Electric Moped battery, Scooter and bike Li Ion Batteries they are turning up in markets.

They are also light enough to be used for removable Electric moped Battery enabling the battery to be charged away from the Electric Moped.

The downside, their price is often much higher than that of the sealed lead acid battery and Gel battery.
In fact with modern electric Mopeds a large part of the price is likely to be the cost of the battery. In somce cases a much as 1/2 of the cost of the total Electric Moped or bike.


The main factors in choosing a battery type are Cost, Speed, Climbing ability, range and Electric Moped Battery Life.

All of these factors should have bearing on the choice of Electric Moped Battery Pack necessary for the model you want to use.

If you need to ride longer distances and more climbing the Electric Scooter Lithium Battery Pack would probably best suit your needs.

However if you do not use your Electric Moped often or do not need a removable electric moped battery the economical Silica GEL or Lead Acid may suit your requirements.

In many cases you can perform a battery upgrade at a later date if you have battery problems.

Keep in mind you may also need a different charger as different batteries use different charging cycles.

We hope this Electric moped Simplified battery information was helpful to understand the terminology and battery types.


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